Brian Walter Hero Screen June 2023

Extreme Panels: Surprisingly Unique Formats for Asking & Getting Answers from Panelists

A panel experience that audiences actually rave about is as rare as a unicorn sighting. To craft an Extreme Panel (variety, contrast, insights, diversity, surprise, interaction) NSA Mountain West members like you need to know what you don’t want (repetition, sameness, platitudes, rambling, dearth of content audience members don’t already know) AND what you do want (panelists "spilling" in a compelling way).

SPECTACLE: How to Put Show Biz into Your Biz Onstage

Your speech’s words are undoubtedly exciting. But what else exciting HAPPENS onstage and onscreen? The answer shouldn’t be… nothing. In this example-packed significantly interactive show & tell session, Brian Walter with Extreme Meetings will reveal the kind of “spectacle” that results in spectacular audience experiences.

Brian"s bio:

For over 25 years, Brian Walter has specialized in transforming meetings from boring to exciting. He is the founder of Extreme Meetings, which provides customized infotainment and presentation graphics. Brian is probably best known for being an Extreme Emcee. But he also is an internal communications consultant, video writer and producer, and trainer.

Brian has presented to audiences ranging from 13 to 13,000. His clients have included Microsoft, Pepsi, Starbucks, Costco, Verizon, several banks that unfortunately were NOT too big to fail, a regional office of the IRS...and a dairy company best known for awesome chocolate milk.

Brian is a past Guinness Book of World Records holder for producing the world’s shortest TV commercial. He is a past President of the National Speakers Association. He earned the elite
Certified Speaking Professional designation and was inducted into NSA’s Professional Speakers Hall of Fame. He is an award-winner video, TV commercial, and podcast producer. But don’t be too impressed. He won the podcast award back in 2012 before he even knew what a podcast was.

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