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Mark Levy

Find Your Big Sexy Idea

A Big Sexy Idea is your signature idea--your point of differentiation.  When you put it at the fore of your business - in your sales pitches, elevator speeches, website headlines, news releases, books, and talks --people will still make snap judgments about you; only this time they'll be making their judgment based on one of you best ideas.

 About Mark Levy

Mark Levy is a differentiation expert. The ideas Mark and his clients have created have been discussed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Simon Sinek, of “Start With Why” fame, says, “Mark Levy helped me find my WHY.”

Besides working with Simon, Mark has worked with the head of a division of two different White House administrations; a head of the Strategy unit of the Harvard Business School; a CEO of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen; a member of major League Baseball; and Wall Street Journal bestselling-author David Meerman Scott. He’s also consulted to a TV special on the History Channel, as well as to the reboot of the beloved cult series, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Along with being a differentiation expert, Mark is a magician. A show he co-created, “Chamber Magic,” has run in Manhattan for 22 years, has its own day of celebration by proclamation of the mayor, and is ranked as New York City’s highest-rated live show on TripAdvisor.

Mark’s website is LevyInnovation.com.

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