Bliss Apr 2022

Building your next LinkedIn Post to 10,000 views

This is an in-depth look into mastering the LinkedIn algorithm and will reveal the means of reaching tens of thousands of people on your next LinkedIn post. We'll go over exactly how to set yourself apart, leverage, and build expertise and utilize LinkedIn to experience reach and impact.

Three takeaways

  • How to hack the LinkedIn algorithm to boost post visibility
  • How to leave a comment that gets you noticed
  • How to apply the best tactics for connecting with clients and prospects

About Richard

Richard is a LinkedIn Top Voices Influencer, and experienced executive communications manager, and a social media coach. He has helped thousands of people master social media tools and become fluent in social conversations, building their platforms and confidence to effectively reach their audience, define their brand vision and strategies, and develop high-caliber sales teams. In addition to working with businesses and organizations in the US, he's consulted startups and high-growth technology firms around the world.

A former executive Vice President of marketing for eighteen years, and an award-winning pioneer in technology, collaboration, and cloud computing, Richard has appeared on CNN, GMA, and other major media outlets. He shifted his attention to social media when he founded the podcast Funding the Dream, which became a leading voice in the crowdfunding space. Today, Richard continues to empower others through his weekly newsletter and podcast, which reach over 45,000 subscribers.