Jennifer Lier

Insights from a Bureau Agent: How to build and brand your speaking career from the experts that see it all

Are you curious as to why some speakers catapult to success while others are left stalled or struggling for years? Do you feel others have the knowledge yet the secrets of the industry are constantly eluding you? Have you taken expensive seminars and still feel you aren’t as far in the industry as you could be? Then this is the workshop for you! Jennifer Lier will give you all these answers and how knowledge on how to market yourself plus she will lay out a strategy to help you build your career.  Jennifer will share not only her knowledge but the knowledge she’s gleaned from her bureau and speaker management colleagues to get you the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of the industry. 

About Jennifer Lier

After an illustrious 25-year career as a headline vocalist and on-camera talent, Jennifer Lier founded National Keynote Speakers in 2015 which quickly caught the attention of large bureaus around the country and was recruited to join the Executive Speakers Bureau team in 2019. Because of Jennifer’s background in entertainment and corporate events both as talent and as a meeting planner/producer, she holds a unique understanding around the business. Jennifer loves sharing her knowledge by serving clients with her concierge style and educating speakers around this very distinctive and sometimes illusive industry.