2021.02.17 Jacques.pub

Are you still trying to recover from 2020? Wondering where your focus should be in 2021? CSP Sydne Jacques is excited to share some of the strategies that helped 2020 to be her best year ever.  Join Sydne as she shares seven different strategies to create a diversified speaking / training /consulting Business. You will learn how to create your personal brand, how to keep growing personally and how to create multiple streams of income.  If you want to take your business to the Next Level, Sydne can’t wait to help you do it!

About Sydne Jacques CSP PE

Sydne Jacques is an engineer turned CEO and professional speaker; often referred to as the “the engineer with a personality.” Sydne has built an award-winning company with clients around the world, has trained over 20,000 individuals and has facilitated team-building for more than 400 different teams.

As seen in her recent TEDx Salt Lake City talk, Sydne is passionate about the construction and skilled trades industries. Sydne serves on the National Advisory Committee for the College of Engineering at BYU and is a mentor for many women in the engineering and construction fields. Sydne is married to a very patient husband, is the proud mother of four awesome kids and loves her roots as a farm girl from Montana!