Holiday Party

Get ready for some holiday cheer at our Annual Holiday Party. Bring your significant other and enjoy a fabulous evening of food, fun, music and few surprises along the way.
Sean Bott will share his perfect mix of custom-tailored comedy + mind-blowing moments. During the show, handfuls of pocket change will melt, time will travel on watches and smartphones, minds will be read, and objects will move with no physical contact. You’ll gasp, you’ll laugh, you’ll love it!

Once again our December Chapter Meeting is really something special — with a catered meal, festive program, opportunity for giving  and an inspirational Holiday Party.

This is a party, so bring your favorite side-kick and let's have a great time!


Mentalist Sean Bott discovered his love of entertaining crowds while growing up on an army base in Saudi Arabia. With appearances on the Sci Fi Channel, the CW, NBC and in 127 hours with James Franco, Sean’s innovative and distinct brand of comedy mentalism has enthralled audiences worldwide.

In “The Art of Connection”, Sean Bott combines transformative messaging, awe-inspiring mentalism, and child like laughter, all designed to leave your guests better able to build relationships that run deeper, mean more, and create better results inside and outside of the office.

Blending cutting edge research in the areas of empathy, charisma, and rapport, Sean’s keynote is designed with one solid goal: to help your people build better relationships. This impacts sales, retention, and workplace culture in deep and lasting ways. Your guests will leave with one simple, rock solid tool set that will enable them to make others feel seen, heard, felt, and valued.

Your audience will gain further insight into: Pacing, Mirroring, Active listening, C.I.Q. Format ( simply put, the most effective technique for meeting anyone anytime anywhere. Far more than an ice breaking strategy, this single skill will change the way your people do relationships).

“The LA Times describes Comedy Mind Reader Sean Bott as "A Crazy Blend of Jack Black and Chris Angel, he's Amazing!"

With over 1000 shows in the past 8 years, Sean has left audiences utterly speechless and laughing with his amazing mix of improvisational comedy and devastating mind reading.

Sean has appeared on HBO, MTV, NBC, CBS, the CW, the Sy Fy channel, and in 127 Hours with James Franco.”