As professional speakers, we have all heard the statements below uttered by associations, corporations, meeting planners and non-profit groups.

  • “We do not have a budget to pay you but we would love to have you speak to our group!”
  • “We are always looking for great speakers, but we cannot pay you.”
  • “You will get exposure and business opportunities by presenting at our meeting.”

Join Lisa in this collaborative, interactive virtual or live program.  Learn how to create a triangulation effect with sponsorship. The speaker gets paid, the meeting planner stays within their budget AND hires a professional speaker, and the vendor meets their marketing / sales objectives!

You will be equipped with guidelines to obtaining sponsorship so you will be fully paid for your expertise.  


  1. Convert “budget restrictions” into sponsorship solutions
  2. Customize a list of potential sponsors based on your clientele
  3. Develop a sponsorship template for the meeting planner
  4. Create a sponsorship template for your business


Participants will develop customized templates in breakout sessions

  • Who is the client?
  • What industry?
  • Speaker topic?
  • Develop a list of potential sponsors:
    • Who are the companies in your community that may have an interest in creating a business partnership with you or your attendees?  In other words, who would like to earn your business and would recognize the networking / sales opportunities available by sponsoring you to speak at your event?
  • Customize a template for the meeting planner to assist you in obtaining a sponsor
  • Design a sponsorship proposal that will maximize your sponsors investment.

About Lisa Copeland RDH CSP CVP

Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP knows how to negotiate her full fee with corporate meeting planners and organizations, who claim they do not have a speaker budget. She presented this topic at the 2018 CSP / CPAE Summit in an Open Space format.  It was one of the top attended topics.

She will share her expertise on how to get paid your full fee from any organization by learning to mentor the meeting planner and identify the best sponsors for a partnership.

Lisa specializes in transforming team communication chaos into profit, performance and productivity. Her dynamic presentation style, honed over 30 years, motivates any audience to take action.

She is the Founder of Communicate With Influence and the 2017-18 President of NSA Northwest.

Fun Facts about Lisa:

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday
  • Married on Oct 31, 27 years ago
  • Grew up in Scranton PA (where they film the TV show “The Office”)
  • Practiced as a Dental Hygienist for 30 years
  • Lived in Singapore 6 years, Seattle 20 and recently moved to Park City
  • Have competed / finished 2 IRONMAN events

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