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We Can Fill Buckets

When there aren’t enough positive interactions or “drops” in the workplace, individual relationships suffer, companies suffer, and the economy suffers. According to Clifton’s grandson and co-author Tom Rath, “Our relationships with people are formed by small moments–and relationships are crucial in business.”

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Thank Customers Who Complain

When someone gives you a beautifully wrapped package, you say “thank you.”  We should also thank customers who complain; because their complaint is truly a “gift.” What gift has the complaining customer given you?  Maybe it’s easier to see complaints as gifts by considering what the customer could have done instead of complaining:

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Biggest Night of My Career #NSA14

It’s 3 AM in San Diego, CA. My beautiful wife is sound asleep in our Marriott room as I realize I’m not going to fall sleep, even though I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours and just had the most incredible day of my professional career. When Ricky Martin performed at the Grammys in 1999,…

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Are You Protecting Your Teammates

Are You Protecting Your Teammates? By Mark Eaton   Trust is essential in today’s business world. Every day people talk about how important trust is, yet few know how to create it. Trust comes when people know they can count on you. Trust comes when people know you’re there for them. When people protect each…

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Back on Track

Are you on track? Much of who and what I am today, I owe to the Weber State University Track & Field program. Distance running was my life. My teammates and I poured everything into the accomplishment of specific and lofty goals. We gave athletics a lot. It gave a lot back.

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