Kirk Weisler
One of the most generous, personable and giving speakers in our industry will be here to (Dump His Truck/ share his best audience involving activities, cool content, actionable insights with us. ~Brad Barton

With over 2000 engagements from word of mouth referrals, and over 50,000 people specifically seeking his advice on how to become more effective leaders, teachers, speakers and human becomings….this is one meeting you just don’t want to miss!

With Rubber Ducks and Dump Trucks Chief Morale Officer Kirk Weisler intends to give it all away…

Participants Will

  • Leave with immediately actionable content, including 10 new audience involving/ ice-breaking, team building games that can be done with “Spot It” cards.
  • Understand how to more effectively and intentionally use symbols to increase learning retention, engagement and effect lasting impact
  • The absolute SUPER MOSTEST important element of effective storytelling
  • How to put the audience on the stage because it’s not about YOU (but wait, I’m the speaker?!)
  • How to leverage the power and find strength from what you don’t know (instead feeling like you have to know, or worry that you don’t know enough to get started.)

What to Bring - an empty book, an open mind, and an excitement to both seek and share combined with an absolute belief and conviction that you will leave this meeting better prepared to grow, and more excited than ever about what you DO NOT YET KNOW.

I’ve known Kirk for 20 years hired him multiple times, including in January to lead 300 people through 3 hours of super engaging, non-cheesy team building exercises.  It enhanced our conference culture in the most miraculous way. Our people are still raving about it.  ~Verl Workman, Workman Success Systems

About Kirk Weisler

Chief Morale Officer Kirk Weisler is an expert at creating outrageously cool workplace cultures and high performance teams. Over the past 18 years over 50,000  Leaders from across every industry and continent have sought Kirk’s advice and wisdom on building teams, strengthening leaders and improving culture.

His unique background as a US Army Ranger, a member of the 19th Special Forces Chaplaincy, his work with At-Risk Youth and experience as a Master Storyteller & Team Builder make him a very fun, engaging, and sought after speaker.  He authored the Best Smelling book, The Dog Poop Initiative and the semi –sweet best smeller, “The Cookie Thief.   Kirk lives in Phoenix AZ with “Wonderful wife Rebecca and their six remarkable children.”