Specific skills are taught by top Professional Speakers

"Get Paid to Speak" is our most anticipated and well-attended event of the year!  Intense speaker training for the novice to most seasoned speaking professional.

What are top-paid speakers doing to thrive in today’s economy?


 Wednesday, March 20th 1:00-9:00pm

Every year the NSA Mountain West Chapter holds a "Get Paid To Speak" Event. It differs from the normal monthly chapter meetings in its focus and format. This is a day-long training session with top speakers sharing their success stories and insider tips.

It differs from the normal monthly chapter meetings in it's focus and format. A typical chapter meeting has 1 (or 2) featured speakers who go deep on their particular topic.

Get Paid to Speak events are a longer day ... it starts at 1pm and goes until 9pm.

But the biggest differenceis that Paid to Speak events have a lot of different speakers who all present on one specific topic. The time for their presentation is 20 minutes. So it's a rapid fire event with a lot of energy and a lot of different perspectives.

The theme of the day is 'Getting Paid to Speak' ... so the individual topics consist of the many different things that professional speakers do to make their businesses work.

The Goal: Learn to get paid, to speak!