BookBub is a service that links you to limited-time free and discounted eBooks

Are you still reading print books? Or are you reading more and more on a Kindle, iPad, or other e-reader?


A few years ago, I started the switch to reading on my iPad. I do still read traditional books, but I suspect the trend towards reading electronically will continue to increase.


One great service I found is BookBub. BookBub alerts you to limited-time free and discounted eBooks that match your interest.


It’s really easy. You simply create an account (email only – no name, CC, phone, et). You then select the book categories from a list of twenty genres that interest you. You sit back and wait.


You will then receive a daily email with book deals that the BookBub’s experts suggest from your favorite categories. If you choose one of their books, you’ll be taken to Amazon (or elsewhere) to purchase the free or highly discounted book.


My iPad now has over a hundred books after only a year of using this service. Since the books are often free, it’s not a big decision to simply download it. And I feel less guilty about books that are waiting to be read that didn’t cost me a dime.


The free and discounted books do have time-limit on their offer – typically a day or a few days. So it’s important to open the emails regularly if you want to take advantage of the offer.


As a speaker, I feel it’s important to read a lot. Having a resource like BookBub to alert me to books that are of interest to me – and free or discounted – is a great service.


Let me know if you sign up and find the service as friendly and useful as I do.


Steve Weber is a speaker, consultant, and former Forrest Gump impersonator who wants every single person to live their life with Gumption. Learn more at