Jason Hewlett, CSP, CPAE

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Name: Jason Hewlett
Address: PO Box 95774   South Jordan, UT 84095
Country: US
Business: Jason Hewlett Entertainment
Website: jasonhewlett.com/
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  • Travels from: South Jordan, UT US
  • Low Fee: $20000.00
  • High Fee: $25000.00
  • Number of Presentations Last Year: 100
  • Topics

  • Leadership
  • Humor
  • Inspirational
  • Entertainment
  • Change
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
  • Awards

  • NSA - Certified Speaking Professional
  • NSA - CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

  • Multimedia

    Speaker Bio

    The Promise What is your Promise to your clients and customers?  What is your Promise to your team at work and family at home? What is your Promise to yourself?  These are the powerful questions Jason Hewlett's message of "The Promise" will engage your audience to consider, while receiving tools as leaders to implement greater promises moving forward.  What kind of leader do you want to be? Extraordinary? Inspiring? Memorable?Whether your event is In-Person or Virtual, through the engagement of entertainment, story, and implementable strategies, Jason Hewlett teaches the power of being an extraordinary leader and keeping The Promise.  He will guide you and your team through the process of discovering your personal brand called your Signature Moves, with his proven process of Identify, Clarify, Magnify.  Thus magnifying your promise! In this captivating, entertaining, and high-energy keynote, world-class speaker and entertainer Jason Hewlett dares and delights audiences to take their leadership skills to legendary levels.With humor, heart, and absolute clarity, Jason hilariously brings legends of stage, music, and comedy to life to help leaders discover their very own signature moves and redefine their promise and commitment to their teams and organizations.The extraordinary combination of Vegas-quality entertainment and life-changing education creates an ovation-inspiring experience that audiences just can't get enough of.This keynote is not just good fun -- it's life-affirming, leadership-elevating, and transformational. It's the unlocking of secrets that propel performers from likeable to legendary. And it's exactly the message that will have your next audience stepping into their own power – and redefining their own leadership potential in extraordinary new terms.CredentialsInducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, one of the youngest ever inducted with the CPAE Council of Peers Award for ExcellenceInvited to be part of a Middle East Tour in support of the US Military in Kuwait, Afghanistan & AfricaAuthor of "The Promise To The One"Co-Founder of The Promise Institute Viral Facebook post about "I Saw My Wife at Target Today" has been read by over 100 million people; the story has appeared on news outlets worldwideRecipient of the National Outstanding Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America, awarded to only 800 men in the history of scouting (Jason has also earned the Eagle Award)Recipient of the prestigious Star Award from the SCERA Center for the Arts

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