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Name: Lindy Kerby
Address: 10730 S. Pine Shadow Rd   South Jordan, UT 84009
Country: US
Phone: 8019464575
Business: Little Miracles Music and Mentoring
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  • Travels from: South Jordan, UT US
  • Low Fee: $2000.00
  • High Fee: $5000.00
  • Number of Presentations Last Year: 30
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  • Inspirational
  • Relationships
  • Adversity
  • Musicians/Bands/Singers
  • Christian Speaker
  • Motivation
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    Lindy is an inspirational speaker, singer/songwriter and mentor who helps people understand and write the songs of their heart.Lindy loves to help people understand the way they think, and how they can change their thinking to improve their relationships, build their confidence, and move forward with faith!HER STORY:Because of a difficult relationship with her Aspie husband, Lindy set out to learn her husband's 'different' way of thinking. In learning, she realized that some of the ways they interpreted each other's actions and behaviors were completely opposite. Things that she had been doing to show love were being misinterpreted as being mean and unkind, and things he had been doing that seemed mean and unkind, she learned was his way of showing love! It seemed crazy, but she realized that with these opposite and different ways of thinking they had both been misperceiving and misunderstanding each other their entire marriage!After their unfortunate divorce, Lindy began navigating a new "single's" life. She began dating and talking with others who had also been divorced and heard similar stories to her own. She learned that others also had her husband's "being" way of thinking, and had misperceived their spouses in the same way her husband had. She also met others who thought like her in a more "doing" way, that had also misperceived their spouses in the same negative and wrong way she had. She realized she needed to share this concept with others to help people avoid the same mistakes and misperceptions she had.THE CONCEPT SHE TEACHES:Lindy created The BE/DO Concept® to help people understand and appreciate the different ways people think. The BE way of thinking is about recognizing how you need to BE in order to DO what you need to do, while DO-thinking, is exactly opposite, thinking about what you need to DO in order to BE the person you want to BE. These opposite ways of thinking are powerful, and when you know them well enough to switch back and forth between them, not only can they help you understand people and improve relationships, but they will help you confidence and help you better BE the kind of person you want to BE and DO whatever it is you set out to DO!Lindy's presentations and Keynotes are inspiring, motivating, and heartfelt. Lindy speaks from her heart, and immediately connects with audiences as she shares her personal stories of coming to learn this concept.Lindy has also written over 300 songs. She has produced 3 inspirational music CD's of original music, and her Songs4U company helps people write the songs of their hearts. She loves helping people recognize their thinking, and helping them write songs that can help lift and inspire them, changing negative thoughts into more positive ones. In addition to speaking Lindy is happy to sing or perform any of her songs, or write a special personalized song to make your event or evening even more special and memorable. If you're looking for an inspirational speaker who can deliver and inspire with a message of love and encouragement, you will not be disappointed.

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