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Name: Jill Hernandez
Address: 244 E 500 N   Spanish Fork, UT 84660
Country: US
Business: Living the Optimum Life
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  • Travels from: Spanish Fork, UT US
  • Low Fee: $1000.00
  • High Fee: $2500.00
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  • Leadership
  • Inspirational
  • Innovation
  • Wellness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching
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    As a professional keynote speaker and trainer, Jill uses her professional educator experience and multicultural perspective to help audiences around the world understand the power of the mind on our health, our wealth, and our happiness. With an inspiring connection, a discerning clarity, and a passion for critical conversations that lead to critical actions, she takes audiences through an enlightening experience of illumination.Her unique brand of Living the Optimum Life helps her clients and auidences optimize their resources and leadership so as to so as to stand up, go and and even pass up their optimum level of life and their perceptions of it. Let Jill open the minds and hearts of your oranization to new possibilites. Join the elite group of individuals and oraganizations that desire to elevate their lives.Jill will:Elevate attitudes, focus and drive. Boost positivity, new results, and greater connection.Illuminate the path for growth and possibility. Jill has worked with many groups of many ages. She started as an educator in Elementary Schools and inspired classrooms for 8 years. With such young audiences she learned lots of engaging techniques to move them and reach them. She found out that even older human beings need the same things kids do so she started expanding her audience with great success. Her influence and impact have delighted her audiences and clients for years. 

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