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Name: Kent Merrell
Address: 2220 East Claybourne Ave   Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Country: US
Business: Merrell Remington & Associates
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  • Travels from: Salt Lake City, UT US
  • Number of Presentations Last Year: 20
  • Payment: gross
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  • Advertising
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  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
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    Kent Merrell brings something unique to the leadership training industry – actual leadership experience – leadership experience that began as a young boy.Kent has been a student of leadership since he was a child. He watched his father who had very little formal authority, wealth or social status, wield great influence with people from every social class. As an entrepreneur Kent's father was able to influence people and organizations to accomplish great things. Kent witnessed how his honorable character had such powerful influence in molding and changing people's lives. Kent's father was also a student of leadership, studying volumes of leadership books and carefully watching other great leaders. Even now, 40 years since his father's death, Kent will meet people who knew his father and will comment how his father changed their lives.Kent's father died when Kent was only 16 years old leaving a great personal legacy and a library of leadership books behind. In an effort to satisfy the curiosity of how a person can wield such influence, Kent took advantage of every opportunity to study and practice leadership.From his earliest days as a young boy scout, Kent proved his effectiveness as a leader. He served as a youth leader and has continued not only as an adult serving as a leader of various groups of young men but Kent has been called upon to train the hundreds of adult leaders how to lead young men.Formal leadership training began as a high school student when Kent was chosen by fellow student leaders to serve as the President of the Utah State VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) serving all the high school chapter leaders of the entire state and having wonderful opportunities to attend leadership conferences and workshops across the country.It wasn't until years later when Dr. V. Dallas Merrell selected him to transform his "General Theory of Leadership" into a more globally accessible format that Kent became aware of the actual doctrines and principles that govern the laws of leadership. It was this knowledge that finally provided his understanding of how influence can be gained and used to maximize the effectiveness of leadership opportunities. When these doctrines and principles are understood and implemented, consistent and predictable results can be achieved.Kent has spoken to marketing and communications groups in Eastern and Western Europe, across the US and in Latin America on topics of creative leadership. This experience has helped Kent develop the ability to create and present powerful and exciting content in such a way as to engage his audiences and drive it deep into their understanding thus ensuring its utilization by those who attend his programs.In his marketing and advertising role he sits with clients and works with their top leaders as they lead their corporate communication efforts giving him the great opportunity of contributing, observing and being mentored by great men and women, molding corporate communications strategies.Along with his role in corporate communications, he currently serves in the presidency of an ecclesiastic organization responsible for nearly 4,000 members.

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