Michelle Villalobos shares the simple retreats-driven business model she used to leverage her time and content, and quadruple her speaking business to 7-figures in 14 months. If you can already deliver a powerful presentation from the stage that leaves people wanting more, and you can deliver a breakthrough experience in a 3-day format, then you can use this model too.

Many successful speakers face the daunting challenge of how to scale ourselves. While our work is rewarding and creative, it can also be exhausting, high-pressure, and require travel and personal appearances, such that we are constantly “singing for our supper.” In this program, Michelle Villalobos, CSP, and member of the Million Dollar Speakers Group, shares her "Small Events, Big Impact" business model to help new and established speakers alike monetize content in more lifestyle-friendly, and lucrative ways, using retreats, seminars and group mentoring and mastermind programs.


  • Acquire a step-by-step framework for designing, marketing and filling foundational group retreats and seminars
  • Explore new back-end group coaching and/or mentoring programs that support ongoing mastery for those you serve, and monthly recurring revenues to your top line.
  • Understand how you could add a new revenue stream to your existing business, that could easily generate more impact for your clients, and income for you.
  • Discover simple ways to use your existing engagements to fill these new programs – without making cheesy or sleazy pitches from the stage.

About Michelle Villalobos MBA CSP

Michelle Villalobos, MBA, CSP is the Founder of Superstar Activator, host of the Awaken Your Inner Superstar Podcast and creator of Retreats to Riches. Michelle works with influencers who want to align their business with their higher purpose, and create transformational business models that serve and uplift humanity -- without sacrificing their health, freedom or lifestyle in the process. Michelle's next book is Small Events, Big Impact: The Influencer's Guide to Leading & Monetizing Transformational Retreats & Seminars, which will be released at the end of 2019.

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