Now you can experience short samples of the best speakers in North America. You will find experts, entertainers, and speakers that will inspire, lift, educate and make your attendance a must.

Save time -  Speakers will "showcase" 8 minute vignettes of their materials so you can see and hear various styles and materials that might fit into your future programming.

See future trends that are appealing to other groups, and the information and skills that can be given to your group to make them competitive in the future. 

Stretch your budget - Save on travel expenses by using local speakers who are currently presenting to national conventions outside of Utah.

Get New Resources - Attendees will receive a Meeting Planners Catalog with presenters, subjects, contact information, and what sort of groups they present to. 

Discover Future Stars - The afternoon features specialty speakers and emerging presenters who will soon become "household names".

Will there be the usual Chapter Meeting In October in addition to this event? This is the chapter meeting for October.  All chapter members are invited to attend and a private meal meeting will be available for registered guests who choose and All Access Pass holders who pre-registger
Douglas R Andrew CSP
Kris Barney
Bob Bedore
Melinda Bird
Michael D Brian
Jodi O Brown MS CFRE
James G Burnham
Melinda Hammer
William Humbert
Sydne T Jacques CSP
Sue Ann Kern
Sarah E Kimmel
Charity Lighten
Karen MCNenny
Bart Merrell
Barry Moniak
Carolynn G MOrris
Michael D Page AUD
Michelle O Porcelli BS MSC
Jeffrey A Shoop