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This is a Bi-Annual Event. Join us for our 2024 Speakers Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Specific skills are taught by top Professional Speakers

Get Paid to Speak

Join us May 15, 2024 when NSA Mountain West hosts an ,8-hour intensive "Get Paid to Speak" event. It's our highest-attended event of the year packed with great tools and tips for the emerging and experienced professional speaker.
Join us each October for the Speakers Showcase. Members and Candidates of NSA Mountain West share their talent and get great speaker video footage during the Speaker Showcase.

"The idea that speakers are always around people is a myth. Speakers spend most of their time alone; planning, writing, preparing, traveling, etc. So, when there’s an opportunity locally to support, and be supported, by professional peers who can afford us the critical feedback and encouragement needed for our own growth and development, that’s when membership to a local NSA chapter starts to make total sense."

– Barry Moniak,