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Name: Lindy Kerby
Address: 10730 S. Pine Shadow Rd   South Jordan, UT 84009
Country: US
Phone: 8019464575
Business: Little Miracles Music and Mentoring
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  • Travels from: South Jordan, UT US
  • Low Fee: $2000.00
  • High Fee: $5000.00
  • Number of Presentations Last Year: 30
  • Topics

  • Relationships
  • Christian Speaker
  • Goal Setting
  • Image/Self-Esteem
  • Inspirational
  • Psychology
  • Speaker Bio

    Lindy is a single mother of 7 children. She is a singer/songwriter and has produced 3 Music Album's - 2 inspirational piano CD's, and a vocal Christian CD. She loves writing inspirational music and does what she loves, writing songs for people in her songwriting business,  Songs4U.Lindy is the Founder and Creator of The BE/DO Concept, which helps explain the "thinking" that goes into perception and understanding relationships. She is the expert when it comes to understanding people and how they feel about others. Her favorite thing to do, is help people improve their relaitonships with others by understanding misperceptions. She's brilliant when it comes to learning how to connect better with God, yourself and everyone around you. When you understand people, it's easy to love your life and have good relationships!Lindy was married to someone with Asperger's for over 23 years. She didn't know that however, until 21 years into her marriage! It was then, that things began to make sense. She realized that she had been misperceiving her husband the entire time. Her husband had also been misperceiving her - both thinking that the other person thought  like the other!Lindy's inspirational message comes from her own life experiences, to love, understand, and to appreciate and learn from differences in how people think!Whether you are in a difficult relationship with a spouse, child or co-worker, or just want to learn something valuable that will help you in your own life, you'll learn something life changing from Lindy's message. Her charismatic and friendly personality lend to connecting quickly onstage, virtually and to learn something that you'll carry forward and remember ever after! 

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