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    The Soft Skills are the Hard Skills. Yet it's the soft skills that make sales. They win court cases. And they build lifetime connections with clients.When it comes to complex and intangible products, like financial services and high end goods that require one-on one selling, people buy the story before they buy the product.As a best author I've had to master the art of storytelling. But it didn't start with writing-I first used stories in sales, both as an adviser and as a trainer.Today I work with sales professionals to tell well-crafted stories that drive sales. It is more important today than ever before to connect emotionally with clients -- and it's the "soft" skills that are so hard to master. That's where I come in. I also provide real-world ethics training, supported by stories, to help financial professionals establish an ethical framework to govern their behavior, as well as optional workshops on products and sales concepts. These workshop are CE/CFP/CPE approved and can supplement my main stage story presentation, "The Most Powerful Communication Device in the World!"Having spoken at more than 2000 meetings around the world I bring first-hand experience with the remarkable impact stories have in training and in selling. For example, I recently helped a family owned business purchase $150 million of life insurance to fund an inter-family buy-sell agreement. Stories played an integral role in that sale. In fact, I use stories in every client interview to bridge the gap between logic and emotion.But, my love of stories goes deeper than that. In addition to a successful career in financial services, I have also authored seventeen books of biography, historical fiction, and inspirational non-fiction. "Compassionate Soldier" earned the "George Washington Medal of Honor from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge in 2018 because the book featured the inspirational stories of truly heroic men and women who placed the needs of others ahead of themselves in the crucible of war. Stories do inspire!Now I bring the storytelling skills that have captured the imagination of more than one million readers of my books, as well as the business stories that have helped close multi-million dollar premium sales in financial services, to teach you and your associates how to increase sales. More important, your customers and clients will be better served. I'd love to speak to your team and your trainers!Go to to learn more about my books.To book an event, or ask a question, contact me directly at 801-949-2984 or at jerryborrowman@gmail.comI look forward to hearing from you.Jerry Borrowman

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