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Michelle Porcelli, BS, MSC

Contact Information

Name: Michelle Porcelli
Address: 508 Ridge Drive   Alpine, UT 84004
Country: US
Phone: 8013104739
Business: Face the Giants
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Booking Information

  • Travels from: Alpine, UT US
  • Low Fee: $500.00
  • High Fee: $10000.00
  • Number of Presentations Last Year: 22
  • Payment: gross
  • Topics

  • Change
  • Adversity
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
  • Mental Health
  • Attitude
  • Accountability
  • Speaker Bio

    Michelle is an Author, Educator, and Counselor with 20 years presenting experience. When she first stepped into the classroom and saw hundreds of faces staring back at her, she knew she was home. Teaching, educating, and presenting is her passion. She has been a certified teacher for 20 years, and a School Counselor for 7 years. She has written and instructed courses for BYU Independent Study and has presented at EFY Brigham Young University, community celebrations, firesides, and corporate events. Her passion is teaching about trust, change, and teamwork. Teams that trust each other work better together, and then succeed together. Basically, we need each other. Her presentations promote Unity, Communication, Accountability, Adaptability, Coping Skills, & Resiliency. Her team building workshop "Tenacity and Trust" rocks your socks off. This is high energy, unifying and participants keep begging for more.She graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University with degrees in Health Education, Sociology Teaching, and received her 6-12 Teaching Certificate. She graduated in 2010 from University of Phoenix with a Masters Degree in School Counseling.She is the owner of Facing the Giants, LLC and is the creator of "6 key Coping Skills" that helps others manage anxiety and depression. Basically, she loves creating programs th at help people not just at work, but at home and in their communities. She resides in Utah with her 5 children, two dogs, 1 cat, 1 goldfish, and 1 husband. Yes, FIVE children that are amazing people and her best friends. Her husband is amazing too, but insists on watching continuous reruns of "Everybody Love Raymond", because Michelle reminds him of Debra (that makes him Raymond).On stage she is engaging, entertaining, informational, and a breath of fresh air. Audiences can feel her passion and love she has for them. Michelle's motto is: Life? You Got This!

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